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This Months Special

Walnut Framed Photo Urn
Faithful Feline Urn - Sitting
Price: $70.00

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Nameplate - Line 1
Nameplate - Line 2

Made specifically for cat owners, these "hollow" Faithful Feline© cat urns are made from a mixture of real granite stone particles and durable resins to form a beautiful in-home memorial container for any beloved pet's ashes. The bottom of each cat has a threaded screw-plug which allows access to the inside of the urn.

Custom contoured walnut display base & nameplate (4 lines, 100 characters) is included. This urn is much more beautiful in person that our photography here can capture!

The "Laying" Cat has a capacity in excess of 20 cubic inches while the "Sitting" Cat has about 30 cubic inches of space inside (see chart below for dimensions and sizes). These cats can be placed outside the home when purchased without the walnut base and nameplate. If you purchase the walnut base and nameplate, we include a tube of silicone sealant so that you or the client may permanently secure the figurine to the base for added security and stability while on display.

Approximate dimensions:7" x 6" x 9.5" tall
Capacity: 0-25 lb. pets.


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